Patti Gorgi


01 / If I Could Meet Anyone

Bjarke Ingles. I find his passion for architecture, sustainability, and innovation inspiring. His TED talks and lectures helped me push through design school and are a catalyst for my excitement of architecture.

02 / My favorite vacation spot is

Just about anywhere with some mountains to hike, but specifically, the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. I’ve been hiking those trails since I could walk and have conquered almost all of the ‘main’ routes.

03 / Nobody knows

I am related to Pope John Paul II.

04 / When I Retire I will

I will move to the mountains, buy some farm animals, start a garden, and turn my home into a studio and B&B.

Patti moved to the United States from Poland as a child and started life in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Architecture with a focus on sustainability. After graduation Patti decided to part ways with the South and start her career in Chicago.

In her free time, Patti enjoys cooking or practicing yoga every day of the week. She loves traveling to Europe to visit family every summer and is constantly looking for another country to explore.