Natasha Cook

Interior Designer

01 / When I Retire

I will open a brewery in Chicago that has beer and cheese curds as good as those in Milwaukee.

02 / My Favorite Vacation Spot

My parent’s house in Bonita Springs, Fl but really anywhere with a cute little beach town.

03 / If I Could Meet Anyone

Florence Knoll. I hope to own one of her pieces of furniture someday.

04 / Nobody Knows

I listen to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons CD in my car. I love old music!

Natasha appreciates a well designed space that is able to affect someone’s environment in a positive way. Stemming from her interest in design philosophy she strives to create spaces that tell a story and impact the way a person feels in it. Natasha is excited to be working alongside architects and designers who make every space unique while still keeping true to its roots.

Natasha received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture at Columbia College in Chicago.