Goran Simic


01 / My First Job

Officially? Something (painting, maybe) in college. But I grew up working with my dad in his wood shop, building cabinets and furniture and helping to construct the house my parents, who are both architects, designed and built.

02 / When I Retire

I will fish in the spring and fall, and design and build furniture in the winter and summer. That one was easy.

03 / If I could meet anyone

Tough question…Ernest Hemingway? The fishing stories would be epic.

04 / What I Love About Space

Collaborative and casual, yet extremely client-focused work atmosphere.

Before joining SPACE Architects + Planners in 2013, Goran worked for a large design firm focusing primarily on mixed use developments in chicago. Goran’s passion lies in the craft of architecture and in the art of building. He pursues innovative tectonic solutions that can be used at the largest of scales, or for the most minor details.

Goran’s hobby of designing and building furniture translates into his architectural practice, through careful exploration and understanding of material properties and limits. It also grounds his architectural philosophy in a materially tactile realm that is often overlooked and underappreciated but is of vital importance to our sense of space, scale and atmosphere.

Goran received his Master of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.