Daniel Campbell


01 / My First Job

Working as a digital archiver scanning blueprints into a computer all day. Pros: seeing 50+ year old drawings. Cons: handling 50+ year old drawings.

02 / When I Retire

I will probably buy as much land as possible in the north woods and try my best to recreate Walden.

03 / If I Had a Band

Honeybears was the name of the band my housemates and I had in college. Only one of us actually knew how to play an instrument. Let’s just say it was Avant-garde…

04 / What I Love About Space

The positive environment and wide variety of projects.

Dan’s time in Japan studying architecture has provided him with a unique insight on efficient space planning and architectural detailing. Prior to joining SPACE Architects + Planners in 2016, he worked at a series of detail-oriented boutique firms which has provided him with a breadth of experience from working on large projects such as institutional structures and apartment developments down to restaurant build-outs and condo renovations.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a minor in Environmental Studies, and a Master of Engineering in Architecture from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.