Angelica Gonzalez


01 / My First Job

As a camp counselor at the age of sixteen. I taught canoeing and fishing to five-year old’s, at a lake in North Carolina.

02 / If I Could Meet Anyone

Luis Barrágan, I’m constantly daydreaming about his work.

03 / My favorite vacation spot is

Puerto Rico’s western coast and North Carolina’s outer banks, it’s a tie.

04 / What I Love About Space

The collaborative, open studio environment and the dogs.

Angelica was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina where she attended North Carolina State University’s College of Design. Her design studios sparked interest in the intersections of landscapes, urban environments, and the artifacts that intertwine them.

After earning her Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Environmental design, she moved to Chicago to pursue her architectural license and learn more about America’s cities. When she’s not exploring design related things, Angelica is working on her green thumb or hunting for vintage housewares and accessories.